Robert McVey, LCSW-R.


Problems can be solved by therapy and counseling.

The power of insight from therapy changes lives. This has been the experience of many people I’ve worked with in my therapy practice, and I hope it can be yours. Therapy and counseling is an empowering process to meet a short-term goal or can be open-ended, addressing challenges such as: Depression, Loneliness, Family Issues, Social Anxiety, Work Stress, Life Transition, Relational Problems, Worry, Grief.

I’m an experienced therapist with a decade spent helping people resolve their challenges. I provide a safe effective therapy environment where all people can gain insight and move on with their lives.

Goals of therapy and counseling.

The goals of therapy and counseling are as varied as the individual in treatment, but all goals are rooted in the power of the individual to grow. Growth can be change, moderation, or acceptance. Growth can be practical actions, mindfulness, fuller emotional experience, clarity of personal vision. Functioning better, meeting your goals, can look like many things, but all point towards a real and sustained wholeness.

The Good Therapist.

Is seasoned. Knows what the job is. At Gay Men’s Health Crisis I was the head of individual counseling and of the substance use program. I started at GMHC working with clients there before any HIV treatments worthy of the name had been discovered. It was a crash course in matters of life and death and trauma. It changed my life and readied me to help other people meaningfully. Where we are now in the 21st century brings new challenges. I’ve had my private practice for the last ten years. I’ve worked successfully with every demographic I can think of. The good therapist knows that change is difficult, but also that it pays off in so many ways. The good therapist takes joy in the work. I’m a therapist who learns something new every day, adding to firm grounding in knowledge of human behavior. I hope with what I bring and with what you bring that I can be the therapist who helps you make a difference for yourself.

Professional therapy and counseling help from someone who understands.


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